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Beach Stays

Sri Lanka nestled in the warm and beautiful Indian Ocean is fondly referred as the pearl in the Indian Ocean. Among the many assets she possesses, the tantalizing beaches that skirt the island certainly tops the list.
The islanders who for many centuries had taken the gift of beaches for granted have begun to appreciate and enjoy them in recent times. This occurred as the locals began making journeys overseas and realized the value the natural gifts Mother Nature has blessed us with.

Considering the many types of beaches found in the world, the beaches of Sri Lanka stand out in a very special and unique way.

The broad sunny beaches fringed by palm groves that attract all foreign visitors is not just due to their scenic beauty but also because of the atmospheres created by their locations and settings.

Some of the beaches are broad and long while some are narrow and in rocky surroundings forming beautiful bays and coves that are so isolated and offer the most tranquil atmospheres. Tourist resorts have been created in various locations to suite different tastes and likings of the visitor.

Many popular beach resorts have been setup in ideal locations where everything is so organized with fun, games and water sports offering the guests the opportunity of enjoying to maximum.
So the visitor has the option of picking a resort of ones choice whether it is a busy action packed resort or a quiet resort is desired.

The exciting news for beach lovers is that you could plan for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka no matter what time of the year you wish to visit. Since Sri Lanka comes under the influence of two main monsoons, the visitor could enjoy a great beach experience in the Southwestern part or in the Northeastern part according to season.
Arugam Bay a world famous location for surfing is located in Pottuvil which is situated in the Southeastern part of the island where surfing is best in the months of June July and August.

Due to all that the Sri Lankan beaches have for the visitor, for most holidaymakers it is……. Think Beach Think Sri Lanka.